HARDBIKE is a sports event that takes place in 4 days and whose objective is the personal challenge of finishing these three stages of considerable hardness.

Participation in said sports event will be individually or in pairs, and these may be mixed, or only formed by members of the same sex.

During these four stages, the times of each participant will be taken as an element of security and control of all the runners and to be able to ensure the fact of knowing where they are at any time and if they are able to finish each of the stages properly. complete, and consequently start at the next stage.

If the runner in any of the stages finishes outside the period set by the organization, he will be allowed to start the other stages, but in no case will he be considered as a finisher of the "complete" test.

Cut-off times are established, announced within the information of the stages, with the intention that the participants can establish their completion strategies for the test, as well as the intention of being able to guarantee the safety of the participants and also the organization. Any rider who exceeds these times, will be from that moment out of the stage (fact that will be informed). Still, as reported above, you will be allowed to go out to the next stage.

HARDBIKE will be marked, but even so, GPS is a priority and mandatory as a mechanism to avoid losses or possible errors induced by the theft of signaling by third parties during the test, which could condition the runners if they do not carry the GPS.

The times taken with the intention of knowing what the position of the runners is, will be provided a posteriori to all the runners through an "order of arrival", with the intention that each one is aware of how long it has taken them to perform. each of the stages, and will be added, to have a global of how many hours of mountain biking has developed throughout the test.

All the routes are 100% cyclable and have been checked on several occasions, that does not mean that due to fatigue or technique, the runner finds a small area where, in his opinion, he ends up getting off the bicycle in order to overcome it more quickly and safety on foot, than on the bike.

At the end of any of the stages, the organization can ask any runner for his GPS with the intention of corroborating that he has followed the track correctly, and consequently, he is worthy of the condition of finisher of the event.

The participant may choose the size of the gifts, provided that their registration is prior to May 10, if not, they must assume that the organization has had to make an estimate of the sizes contracted a posteriori, and that it may not be. whatever he wants.

In the route section, participants will find the different proposed itineraries (when they are made public), which can be modified (partially or in full, as well as on the proposed dates) by the organization if they deem it appropriate, appealing to the safety of the bikers themselves.


As anticipated in the points described above, HARDBIKE is a sports event, whose interest goes beyond the strictly competitive, it is about traveling to this territory to be able to enjoy three days of authentic mountainbike, and therefore, you must prevail above all the good atmosphere. The organization for this 2022 foresees different scenarios, which will be described below, so that every participant can have from the beginning the information regarding how to proceed depending on the situation: 

 1.- Normal situation: The first plan goes through a normal situation, in which the test will take place without any limitation, in any of its sections, that is, a mountainbike test, with marked routes but where the GPS is the main orientation system, and the marks are mere aids so that the participants can go more calmly. If it can be done in this scenario, the departure will be in a group, provisioning will be available during the stage which can be accessed without any restriction, as well as food at the end of the stage, awards ceremony ... 

 2.- Situation with certain mandatory restrictions: Due to the COVID19 pandemic, the organization will try to adapt to the situation, accessing all those points that are mandatory by any entity. Thus, if at the time of the sports event, the safety distance is mandatory, an exit system will be established that allows it. Any other measure that is mandatory (modification of the provisioning stations, modification of the food system at the end of the stage), will be modified as the competent authorities inform us, for the good of all participants and also of the organization. 

3.- Situation of prohibition of sports events: In the event that it is not allowed to carry out sports events, or that the situation does not advise it, the organization will pass HARDBIKE to a free format. This means that all participants will be able to come and collect their bag from the corridor, and they will be able to perform the stages individually, thus prevailing above all physical activity as a leisure element. In this case, each runner must develop the order that he deems convenient to do the stages, leaving at the time he wishes, taking advantage of the fact that by the proposed date, all the roads will have been cleared for his passage, and he will be able to fully enjoy them. In this case, the itineraries must be followed only through the GPS system since, as it is not a sports event as such, the organization cannot mark them. Although the stages are done under a free format, the organization will open the possibility that the runners can measure themselves "against" the other participants through the STRAVA application, where they must post their route and in this way the order of times can be determined among all the participants, being able to opt for the prizes of each one of the categories. 

 4.- Situation of mobility restrictions: If at the time of taking the test, we find limitations in terms of mobility, the organization, as in the previous case, will determine that the routes are made in a free format. Unlike the previous point, instead of carrying out the stages during the 3 days in which HARDBIKE is carried out, the participants will have a much longer period of time, conditioned by the dates of mobility restrictions (the interest is that all the world has enough time to come and do them, so the time frame will be between 1 month and 2 months).  

As in the previous case, all participants will be encouraged to record their routes with STRAVA, in order to make a total and category classification and thus be able to opt for the trophies of each of them. 

 HARDBIKE wants to make it clear that these scenarios will in no case be proposed by the organization, but will be given by the situation in which we find ourselves, and the organization at the objective level, will apply the protocol that is pertinent at the time of carrying out the the test, adapting it as determined within this point. 


HARDBIKE has the following categories:

- Lumberjack Elite: Those who have an elite license or are under 30 years of age participate in it. Anyone over 30 years of age may participate in this category if they decide, as long as they have an elite license, or in her age category. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE IN 2 CATEGORIES, YOU MUST CHOOSE IT IN THE REGISTRATION.

- Lumberjane: For all the women.

- Lumberjack 30: As its name suggests, those runners who are between 30 and 39 years old participate.

-Lumberjack 40: As its name indicates, those runners who are between 40 and 49 years old participate.

- Lumberjack 50: As its name indicates, those runners who are between 50 and 59 years old participate.

-Lumberjack 60: As its name indicates, those runners who are between 60 and 160 years old participate.

- Authentic lumberjack: Special category in which those who carry out all the stages dressed in jeans and a shirt participate.

- Two-person Team Men: Men couples category.

-Two-person Team Mixed: Mixed couples category.

-Two-person Team Women: Women couples category.


The organization provides through this website, the different official accommodations, so that the runners have different options close to each of the stages. These accommodations have to be hired directly, thanks to the links to their different booking formulas. The runner must indicate that he is going to carry out the HARDBIKE test, since in this way the accommodations can be directed to the organization, with the intention that we can leave the luggage in the accommodation in question.



Once the biker has proceeded with his registration, he will receive a confirmation email, which he should keep in case there is anything. All the information prior to the test will be sent to the email provided, so that you can know and manage it in time.

In case of wanting to cancel the registration, the biker must know that depending on the date, one amount or another will be returned:

Before April 2: Refund of 70%

Before May 2: 50% refund

Before June 2: 30% refund

IIf the biker cannot attend and wants to change the name of the participant, he must contact the organization to make this change, which will cost € 30. In order to guarantee the size of the gifts, said contact must be prior to May 10, otherwise, the organization will not be able to guarantee the participant their size. There is also the possibility of passing the registration for the following year, in this case, the runner must pay in the next edition, € 50 of expenses derived from the change.

Any change in the participant's registration must be formalized directly to the following email hardbike2022@gmail.com, indicating in its statement if it is a change (Change registration "X"), as if it is about postponing their participation to the next edition (Postpone inscription "X"). In this second case, the broker must know that it is only allowed to postpone it for one year, not being able to "perpetuate" its presence during repeated editions.

Finally, indicate that in the event of any serious injury that makes participation impossible, HARDBIKE will refund the amount paid (less the expenses derived from it, that is, € 10). To do this, the participant must send an email to hardbike2022@gmail.com, indicating in his statement "Participant injury" X ", within this email the information provided by the medical services (X-rays, etc.) must be attached. If the injury cannot be justified with evidence, the organization will not be able to proceed with the return, if everything is correct, as indicated above, the amount paid will be returned to the runner, minus € 10 for expenses derived from the registration management.

As specified above in the characteristics of the event, HARDBIKE in no case will be canceled, but will adapt to the situation that occurs at the time of its celebration, that is why, by not canceling, the Cancellation conditions are those described in this point.